Why work with Ramesys?

The Benefits of Budgeting

The Ramesys Cost Management Software comes with a number of benefits that makes it a unique product in the market.


Simplify your budgeting process and greatly reduce the time taken to create your annual budget and periodic forecasts, whilst adding more granularity, confidence and reliability.

Replace the dependence on cumbersome, error prone spreadsheets with intuitive budgeting software so easy to use that even your operators will take ownership. With one central database you can always rely on the numbers to be correct. 

The Ramesys budgeting, forecasting and reporting software will give your management, finance department and cost owners the ability to understand and analyse costs and variances at the push of a button.

With the easy to use Ramesys Cost Management tools and the transparency they deliver, managers and cost owners are supported in the organisational drive to pursue and implement cost reductions within the area under their responsibility..

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Productivity Improvements

Rigorous forecasting with Ramesys will enable management to drive and sustain long term business value. Cost owners doing their own budgeting, will be continuously challenged to identify and implement production improvements.

Ramesys involves all cost owners in budgeting and forecasting, giving them the understanding and transparency of their own costs, thus helping to build a cost management culture throughout the organization.

Instead of relying on information based on last month’s budget, management will constantly be looking forward to understand how they can expect to perform at any time in the remainder of the budget cycle, or beyond. 

Share Price Improvement

The RAMESYS solution delivers sustainable improvements to mining costs, contributing directly to improved profitability, driving the company market value and share price in the right direction.