Budgeting and Forecasting Software

Simple to use, easy to learn budgeting and forecasting software that will improve budgeting accuracy and reliability, provide greater transparency and accountability, and support increased levels of cost challenge.

Simple to use Budgeting and Forecasting software
Implementation and training

What our clients say

“It is so logical. I was surprised how quickly I was able to build my first budget.” 

GM Operations

Simple Budgeting & Forecasting Software that is...

Easy to Use

Software that is easier to use than Excel and has NO spreadsheet errors.

Prebuilt input templates make it so simple that your cost owners will want to use this in place of Excel.

Easy to Learn

Believe it or not, your cost owners will be confident and competent to manage their budgets and forecasts with only a few hours training.

Easy to Implement

It is so easy to implement the budgeting and forecasting software, within only a few weeks you can be analysing your first budget.

Production driven financial modelling

With Material, Contractor, and Workshop labour usages linked to Production physical activities, production plan changes and price changes are flowed through the budget in minutes.



No financial “black boxes” here. All the financial modelling assumptions are completely visible to, and managed by the person responsible for spending the budget.

Powerful reports

Detailed cost build up

Powerful transparent financial reports are so easy that all users understand and manage their budgets and actual cost variances.​

Budgeting and Forecasting software - saving time

What our clients say

“My accountants get to home at night during Budgeting preparation time“

Financial Controller

“The 2nd year we used Ramesys, the budget cycle was about 25% shorter.”


Save Time

Budgets and Forecasts completed in less time

Because the relationships between cost, and the physicals that drive these costs (your business process IP) are locked into Ramesys templates, updating budgets and forecasts is a much quicker, easier process.

Cost Owners prepare Budgets, Accountants are Analysts

Accountable cost owners are the ones that build and maintain the budgeting  and forecasting models. Accountants are no longer required to compile and validate data from multiple operational users.

What if cost Modelling

Quickly and easily make changes to production plan, key pricing assumptions, etc and compare the impact on your buget.