Business Transformation

Helping organisations find better performance, productivity and profitability

In a fast-paced, modern economy many organisations recognise the need to improve aspects of their business or bottom line performance but don’t have the necessary resourcing, technical skillset or time to make the process appear seamless.

Ramesys' Business Transformation team offers a range of consulting services along the business improvement continuum designed to help enterprises improve bottom line performance.  

Our Methodology, Independence is Key

Change is seen as a disruptive mechanism in most organisations and as a result, change initiatives tend to be completely ‘choked out’ if they are driven from within the organisation. 

Bottlenecks soon arise as staff become preoccupied with their day-to-day priorities and an unfortunate side effect of this is that business improvement skills are not developed to its full extent. Transformation is more likely to succeed if it is managed by a skilled, independent third party working closely with the business’s leadership team.

Financial Advisory Services

Using our proven methodology:
  • Performance Management

  • Finance Transformation

  • CFO Advisory 

Improve the performance of the Finance function

Making the Finance function more strategic by improving the structure, roles and responsibilities, technology, processes, policies and procedures.​

  • Development of Strategy 

  • Establishing and managing strategic priorities

  • Scenario planning 

Identify bottlenecks and problems in the business

Executive Support
  • Help drive strategic initiatives: People, Processes and Technology 

Technology and Systems
  • Identify, review and implement systems to automate and improve performance

Outsourced Services
  • Identify, review and implement systems to automate and improve performance

Performance Management 
  • Framework, Business enablement, Leadership & Coaching 

Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Framework, Business enablement, Leadership & Coaching 

Health Check
  • Framework, Business enablement, Leadership & Coaching