CFO Services

Supporting Fast-Growing Enterprises

Ramesys Global offers a unique service with in-house specialists on hand to meet the needs of a fast-growing organisation. Our team is suitably qualified, each with over ten years CFO Advisory and business transformation experience.

We bring their knowledge and expertise together to deliver an unmatched service level focused on your business and your requirements.


Driving into the Future


CFO Advisory Services

Ramesys Business Consulting team offers a range of CFO Advisory services designed to help enterprises cope with a high-growth environment. 

Supporting the Growth of the Business

As a business increases in size and complexity, the role of Finance becomes even more integralto itssuccess. Inorder to support the growth of the business and produce deliverables capable of maximising shareholder value, Finance needs to significantly elevate levels ofperformance and playmore of a business partnering and trusted advisor rolein order to help drive performance.

Transformation Agenda

The harsh reality of a fast-growing business is that the business model keeps evolving and transformation and change moves high up onto the agenda. Successfully navigating the organisation through this transformation process of change becomes critical to the growth and success of the business.

Increasing Demands

When the level of sophistication required to manage the business increases, it will have a direct impact on the support functions such as Finance & IT.  More is demanded from Finance, including additional business insight,amidst growing complexity and there soon becomes a need for Finance to transition from A to B.

Repositioning Business Support Functions

This transitioning process usually requires finance and/or IT to ‘re-brand’ or ‘re-position’ itself in the organisation. This re-positioning exercise is evolutionary and takes the relevant department on a journey often spanning a number of years, from establishing a strong infrastructure through to becoming true business partners, trusted advisers and “chief performance officers”. 

The Bottleneck

As the business progresses the CFO and his finance team become increasingly consumed by the sapping grind of customary day-to-day activities.

However, in order for Finance to progress, it needs to devote a fair share of its time to driving and managing transformation which does not often materialise, thereby creating a rigid dichotomy between demand and supply of effort.

In this way, the CFO can become the bottleneck and inadvertently holds back progress. 

Limited Resources & Transformation Experience

A further division of resources occurs in the skill levels required to drive change and operate at a higher level. Financial staff are usually not employed on their ability to drive business improvement which is a specialist skill in itself.

To complicate matters, it is incumbent on staff to enhance their own skill set so that they may grow with the business, which often takes precedence and leaves little time for managing strategic initiatives. This means that the required internal skilled resources do not always exist today in order to meet tomorrow’s well-being. 


CFO Consulting

The Solution

Ramesys Business Consulting plugs the resource, time availability and skills gap by playing the role of transformation enabler, either as a project management support to C-level executives or by providing a fully outsourced CFO resource. This may include identifying problems and opportunities for improvement, depending on the strategic landscape.

With our vast strategic, systems & financial experience and by applying our trusted, internally developed Transition Model, we can analyse business situations based on a formal process and relevant commercial expertise leading with transformational growth and business turnarounds.  

Ramesys offers clients an independent voice to help solve business problems and implement solutions at various levels in the business.