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Power BI is the possibility of

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delivered at the press of a button, and

with the power to drive business changing decisions.


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Power BI - Easy creation & sharing of reports

Connect, Create and Share

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Build your one source of the truth

Effective reporting is built on reliable data. This means you're going to need a data warehouse and well designed data structures.

This is where many BI implementations fall short of their goal.

Ramesys offers the solution - rather than you having to build it we can deliver a
pre-configured warehouse.

With interfaces already built to most ERPs and our in-house experts guiding you at every stage of the process, we guarantee a successful implementation, on time and on budget!

Let us fast forward you to the next step …


Connect & and build reports in minutes

Once your data warehouse is built, creating powerful reports to drive improved decision making is easier than Excel! Connect to your "one source of the truth" with a few clicks, build reports in minutes and share them with your colleagues in seconds.

Watch our video to see how easy it really is ...

Try a Report

See for yourself how powerful these reports can be with our working example below

Try Power BI Yourself

Click on the graphs and filters in the screen below, for an interactive experience.




change all values
from $ to quantity


Low (At Risk)


see which stock is running out


Use Filters


filter on a single warehouse

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