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In a tightening global economy cost reduction is now more important than ever to deliver sustained profitability and share value to the ultimate stakeholders, investors and lenders.

To ensure on-going sustainable profitability, cost management is becoming increasingly critical to support and deliver sustainable cost reductions and efficiencies. Accordingly it is becoming increasingly important that cost management is mandated and driven from the highest level in an organisation, by the CEO and Board, who are ultimately responsible and accountable to investors and lenders.

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Easy to use
Cost Management System

Whilst ticking the corporate box, annual budgets are rapidly out of date and therefore provide limited cost improvement value to an organization. To deliver significant and sustainable cost reductions it is essential that the cost management process is performed consistently and rigorously every month. Therefore the cost management system must be easy to use, ensuring cost owners not only have the tools to identify and deliver cost reductions, but also that they are engaged and committed to the process which will ultimately optimise results.


Cost owners take responsibility

It is a core principle at Ramesys Global that our easy to use cost management software tools and processes are delivered at the cost owner level. Thus we provide cost owners and managers with the tools to understand and analyse costs and variances every month and as a consequence, to initiate action to deliver cost reductions and efficiencies to the organisation. Our software and processes have been proven many times over by our clients to engage cost owners and drive real and significant cost reductions and efficiency improvements.

Cost owners take responsibility for their costs | Ramesys Global
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