Human Resource Planning

Labour Management and Workforce Planning System

Labour Planning is designed to effectively manage the significant percentage of an operational budget that is derived from direct Labour/HR costs plus associated on costs.

The system allows development of labour models, drawing data directly from your HR system and provides extensive reporting options, while ensuring the security of sensitive data.

HR - Labour budgeting - Ramesys Global

Labour Functionality 

Master Positions 

The Labour model holds master positions and associated remuneration details. These can be imported from your HR/ERP  system or created within Ramesys Labour module.


Allowances can be imported from your HR/ERP system and/or modelled within the Labour module. Once modelled these are attached to all relevant positions

Allowance values can be built from a series of business rules/calculations where resultant values from one allowance feed a higher level in a series of calculations.

This capability is very powerful requiring that formulae are entered once only and applied to potentially 1000s of positions for hundreds of months and not copied across multiple rows in a spreadsheet.

Interface to HR System

The RAMESYS Global labour module provides an easy process to import master data from your ERP/HR system to then model your budgeted and forecast costs with great accuracy and reliance.

It will align your budgeted and forecast costs with your actuals and provide variance reporting to ensure all your HR costs are valid, forecast and accurately costed. 



With all this data captured in the RAMESYS database, the labour module provides a simple and secure way for key users and managers to view their budget, forecast and actual labour information. Rapidly view data by any number of slices and dices with great accuracy and reliance, such as:

  • View actual against plan – user favourites allow quick selection of relevant data and layouts. Quick sort functionality to rapidly highlight problem areas.

  • Drill through to detailed variances by department, position, allowance, expense category.

  • Graphical views show performance to date against budget, plus forecast for balance of year.

  • View by department or position.

  • View by expense or allowance type.

  • View by cost centre.