Maintenance Management Software

Maintenance Budgeting, Reporting and Analytics System

Ramesys provides zero based maintenance budgets and forecasts and creates simple monthly variance reports that provide a transparent overview for all maintenance personnel.

Real cost saving changes can be delivered by  analysing variances at the equipment and job level. Automatic forecasting based on work plan changes and revised production schedules allows companies  to look forward with confidence.

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Maintenance Benefits

Implementation of our Maintenance Software is a quick & low cost process and will create a sustainable process delivering continuous cost improvements.

Our clients have achieved the following benefits from Ramesys:

  • Significantly improved quality of data used for planning, reporting and cost management

  • Improved Cost Control

  • Significant reduction of time & effort in planning & reporting cycles

  • Highly increased transparency of decision making information

  • Powerful maintenance reporting at detailed work plan and job level


Maintenance Budgeting Functionality 

Budget and Forecast Preparation

Detailed zero based budgeting

  • Prepared by Equipment and Job with detail to the resource level: material, labour, etc.

Leverage existing intelligence

  • Work plans, resources and frequencies are imported from your maintenance system.

Add your own tasks

  • Create bucket jobs, breakdown plans, etc on the fly. Manually schedule or alter plan dates for zero frequency tasks.

Auto schedule

  • Use equipment tonnes, hours, kms, etc to drive planned cost.

Create your own versions

  • Copy the approved budget, revise your maintenance strategies & then compare versions.

Easy & Flexible reporting

  • Report your budget by workshop, equipment (parent or component level), resource type, job, cost centre.

Unlimited periods

  • Budget 10 years in months, quarters, and years, then copy the first 12 months as the current budget version.

Full security audit trail

Fleet Management Software


Reporting Functionality

  • Quick overview of actual against plan

  • Drill through to detailed variances by equipment, job, and resource level.

  • Graphical views of performance to date against budget and yearly forecast.

  • Toggle between Accounting and Maintenance views.

  • Resource management: Labour levelling by work centre.


Maintenance Analytics Functionality

The Ramesys Maintenance software provides an Analytic review of the maintenance process:

  • It optimizes the maintenance schedules and resources for planned and unplanned work.​​

  • It substantiates and justifies resource requirements.

  • As a result it delivers more output with the same resources.


Interface to Maintenance System

  • Interface to any other maintenance software, like Pronto or SAP

  • Master Data (equipment usage, tasks and costs) is imported from your Maintenance System

  • Ramesys Budget extracts are loaded back to your accounting system or Ramesys Cost Modeler

Ramesys Partner

AME provides professional, cost effective and comprehensive asset management services. AME is the industry leading provider of plant inspection & risk assessment services, asset management consulting, and training to large companies and government sectors.

AME perform Maintenance audits for their clients, using Ramesys Maintenance Budgeting, Analytics and Reporting tool, to highlight key maintenance issues and identify improvement opportunities. This allows clients to do more maintenance with the same resources.


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