Finance Transformation

Things not working as they should?

Whether your Finance team needs an overhaul or whether there are specific aspects of performance that require improvement in order to facilitate more strategic thinking, we can help. If you know where the weaknesses are but don’t have the time or skilled resources to make the necessary changes, we can help.

Why work with Ramesys

3 very good reasons for you to engage with us: Under your leadership 

  • The credibility of Finance is enhanced;

  • We overcome the lack of available time and skills that may be holding you back presently;

  • We create value for your shareholders by improving Finance’s ability to influence business performance and drive growth.

ERP Services team at Ramesys Global

Our Services include

  • Defining and managing a transformation journey or attending to specific areas of concern.

  • Re-positioning the office of Finance as a strategic partner, trusted advisor and value-adding contributor;

  • Establishing a new team structure with clearly defined roles and responsibilities;

  • Adoption of new technologies;

  • Process review and improvement;

  • Implementing Policies and procedures.