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Deloitte Mining Report 2014

Strategies to Reduce Costs

The profitability of mining companies is under constant pressure from continuously rising production costs and lower commodity prices. According to a recent Deloitte Mining Report companies must embark on sustainable cost management programs to become lowest-quartile cost producers.

Some of the suggested strategies are:

Pursue operational excellence: identify key cost levers to improve productivity.

  • Improve efficiencies through technology: improve visibility to enable management to track productivity, streamline processes and re-plan based on actual performance...

  • Use Analytics to detect true cost drivers: Using technologies that provide continuous, real-time information on the activity and state of mining to improve decision making ...​

"To rectify cost overruns, improve capital efficiency and rebuild investor relationships, companies need to sharpen their focus on productivity, sustainable cost management and enhanced shareholder value."

Phil Hopwood, Global Mining Leader

Download report: Deloitte Mining report 2014


RAMESYS GLOBAL - Cost improvement Solutions

Financial solutions for the mining sector - Ramesys Global

Ramesys Global has a range of solutions developed for the mining sector that are possibly the most simple and yet most effective cost management tools in the industry.

They are so easy to use and provide your cost owners with tools to identify and achieve cost improvements returning increased profitability to your company.

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