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PWC: Making better use of data and technology

A recent PWC report on the Australian Top 50 Mid-tier miners, confirms the positive sentiment many may have been feeling. However PWC raise the question if they will be able to contain the inertia of increased costs and that going forward focus will no doubt fall on the cost curve for these miners.

Read the report below to learn more about what PWC has to say about how companies can make better use of data and technology in order to curb the inevitable pressure on costs and how more and more of the Top 50 mid-tier miners are considering data and the deployment of tools to drive real operational improvements. PWC say that these companies should challenge how improvement opportunities and prioritisation decisions are being made, and if decisions are based on operational and commercial data trends or are they based on anecdote? Operational decisions should be based on accurate and timely information and the outcomes of decisions should not only be planned but measurable to assess the effectiveness of decisions.

Some of this year’s turnaround stories serve as a great lesson for those questioning whether data and technology can make such a significant difference.

“The conditions are right for the next big Australian independent miner to emerge. What’s the blueprint for success?”

Read the full article: PWC Aussie Mine Report

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