Reporting & Analytics

Leveraging the Power of your Quality Data

  • Financial Reporting

  • Management Reporting

  • Operational Reporting

  • Business Intelligence

The Power of Ramesys is contained in the numerous Financial Reporting Formats that can be created.
The decision making capability of this data is unleashed to managers and cost owners via the powerful Ramesys reporting suite. Ramesys consultants work with you during and beyond implementation to ensure your organisational cost performance objectives are maximised via tailored reporting.
And the best thing about it is that it is so simple that your key users will take ownership and will build and maintain all of your financial reports. No more calling expensive consultants to build reports for you.

Financial Reporting

  • Ramesys financial reporting comes with superior and flexible reporting capabilities

  • It delivers PL and BS reports for the board at the push of a button.

  • The financial reports have the extra benefits of drilldown analysis

Report Screen.png
  • Management summary Reports (KPI, Cost Driver tree, etc): Easily built and maintained by site key users.

  • Analytical Reports: Analysis at cost, unit cost & consumption rate levels.

  • Graphical Reports: Pictorially illustrate key variances to focus entirely on controllable variances.

  • KPI Reports: User defined KPI reporting for cost centre analysis. Summary KPI reporting supports management review.

  • Consolidated Reports: Consolidated views across multiple sites or operations

Ramesys management and busines intelligence reports can be completely defined and built by users. These are typically used to provide summary level information for executive review, as well as departmental level dashboard style reports for operational management review and analysis.

Management Reporting

KPI, price/volume/efficiency and variance information can all be readily incorporated into multiple format numeric and graphical reports. Drill through is enabled from department or section level pivot reporting to allow immediate detailed analysis of key variances.

Operational Reporting

It is an underlying principle of the RAMESYS cost management process, that all accountable employees can answer any question on their business activity within minutes. It is the power of the RAMESYS Analysis and Reporting module that enables this requirement.​​​

RAMESYS provides standard pivot reporting with transactional drill down that delivers simple and intuitive reports comparing actual to planned activity.  Improved cost analysis and understanding is facilitated in the following ways:

  • Variances split between volume, rate, and price provide direct  indicators to operational issues

  • Multi dimensional Reporting hierarchies allow drill down from management summary to detailed operational levels

  • Supported by transaction level detail drill through

  • Pre-defined data views can be easily “snapped” and stored. Every user can then have their favourite views available at a single button click.


Ramesys Business Intelligence

Ramesys utilises the power of Microsoft’s business intelligence tools to deliver powerful dashboards, analytic & KPI reports.

The comprehensive data sets contained within the Ramesys data warehouse can also be used to support existing reporting software such as Qlikview Tableau, Cognos, Spotfire and others.