Visibility and Understanding

If you wish to drive a cost reduction approach through your whole organization then quick, easy access to information explaining and impacting cost outcomes is essential. This is where many software tools stumble.

Ramesys software supports this approach through every step of the cost management cycle, from the simple templates provided for creating budgets right through to the KPI reporting outputs.

  • Pre-built user templates

  • Cost owners create reports

  • Understand operational activities

Increase financial visibility and understanding - Ramesys Global

Pre-built user templates

Starting with the budget preparation, Ramesys delivers simple pre-built user templates that allow cost owners to build up their budget based on how their business process operates. The budget cost resulting from this is an outcome of their production activity and the materials used in this process. This typically reflects how cost owners build their budgets in excel, but once it is loaded into the Ramesys database it is easy to update and always available for review.

Changes to production plans, material prices or exchange rates can be easily updated and immediately flow across your whole budget making comparison between budget or what-if versions quick and easy.


Cost owners create their own reports

Reporting is simple to use and designed to rapidly provide every user with a drill down to the operational cause of cost variances. We recognise that cost owners don’t have hours to be searching through complex ERP systems to find explanations for cost variances and so we make it easy to find these.

The simple to use Ramesys report writer makes it easy for your key users to develop their own customised user reports and KPI reports reducing the dependence on external consultants.


Understand the cost impact of operational activities

With the added visibility provided by using Ramesys software, your accountants are able to support their cost owners in understanding the cost impacts of their operational activities, and thus engage them in seeking out improvement opportunities.


All Benefits

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