Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting Software

Our easy to use cost management software provides your Finance and Operations teams with the clarity and confidence in your data to make better-informed decisions, faster.


It allows you to manage your operations against robust physical driven plans with transparent assumptions, inputs and outputs available to all stakeholders.


Our toolkit enables your finance team to transition from time-consuming, error-prone and manual budgeting and reporting processes, to a value-added, transparent, single source of truth designed to unearth maximum cost savings.


Well-designed reports and dashboards deliver accurate, timely and meaningful cost, physical and KPI information, at the press of a button.


With Ramesys, make better-informed decisions, faster.

Focus on Strategy
and Growth

Our software enables you to better support business strategy and growth initiatives by delivering accurate, transparent analysis, optimisation modelling and strategic planning results.


Our solution provides better forecasting capabilities that become an entrenched part of your cost improvement process.

“Reliable forecasting is at the heart of cost management and creates measurable business value over the long term.”

KPMG, Forecasting With Confidence, 2018

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Production Driven Financial Modelling

With materials, contractor and workshop labour usages linked to physical production activities, changes to production plans and prices automatically flow through to the budget within minutes. Making changes and running options becomes a simple, organisation wide activity.

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Easy to Use and Quick to Implement

Our software is easy to use, has a low learning curve and is quick to implement providing you with a toolkit more powerful than Excel.


Our purpose-built software provides a solution for cost owners to better manage their budgets, eliminate error-prone spreadsheets and reduce annual budget preparation time by weeks.

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Powerful Dashboards and
Board Style Reporting

Our powerful reporting capability saves you many days of effort at the month-end by providing access to a full suite of management and operational reports at the press of a button.


Powerful reports and dashboards are an integral part of our turnkey solution. Featuring instant drill down to transaction-level data as well as providing board style management reporting which can easily be built using our custom Report Writer feature.

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We were able to create a number of costed scenarios in Ramesys within hours and make key operational decisions. This was one of the key objectives why we implemented Ramesys.

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Finance & Operations

Our Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting tools are designed to provide your Finance and Operations teams with the clarity and confidence in your data to enable stakeholders to make better decisions, faster.


Our Maintenance Budgeting module is purpose-built to help mining companies optimise their plant and equipment maintenance by creating zero-based budgets and forecasts at equipment, task or work order levels.

Business Intelligence

With automated interfaces already built to most ERP's, our pre-configured Business Intelligence solution will have you delivering powerful Board, management, and analytic reports at the press of a button.