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Maintenance Budgeting Software

Our Budgeting, Forecasting, Reporting and Analytics Software helps mining companies optimize asset maintenance strategies and improve work flow management

Maintenance Budgeting Software

Our Maintenance Budgeting Module is purpose-built to help mining companies optimise their plant and equipment maintenance by creating zero-based budgets and forecasts at equipment, task, work order and BOM levels.


You can easily build scenario models to assess optimisation schedules and strategies without changing your CMMS/ERP. Data, schedules and activities are aligned with your CMMS/ERP providing users with complete visibility of planned and actual maintenance activities and costs.


Variance analysis reports, compliance information, workflow management, reliability and KPI data are also available at the press of a button.


Many of these dashboards are also delivered pre-built as part of our turnkey solution.

Purpose-Built for Maintenance Teams

The Maintenance Module is specifically designed for use by maintenance personnel, taking into account their needs and pain points, while also providing complete visibility to all stakeholders, including finance and operations personnel.

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Asset Optimisation and 
Replacement Strategies

Easily gain real-time visibility of the impacts on costs and resources from changes to equipment, tasks, resources and frequencies to clearly inform life cycle costing and asset optimisation, scheduling and replacement strategies.

Zero-Based Budgets

Quickly and easily prepare Zero-Based Budgets and forecasts, segmented by equipment and task with detail provided at the resource (BOM) level.

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Powerful Work Management Reporting

Powerful reports facilitate improved work management activities at the click of a button. Variance reports, compliance information, and reliability KPI dashboards are a part of our turnkey solution, all with drill-through to transactional-level detail.


With Ramesys we can generate new task based budgets within hours. Life Cycle Costing analysis has generated huge savings on our fleet costs.

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Finance & Operations

Our Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting tools are designed to provide your Finance and Operations teams with the clarity and confidence in your data to enable stakeholders to make more informed decisions, faster.


Our Maintenance Budgeting module is purpose-built to help mining companies optimise their plant and equipment maintenance by creating zero-based budgets and forecasts at equipment, task or work order levels.

Business Intelligence

With automated interfaces already built to most ERP's, our pre-configured Business Intelligence solution will have you delivering powerful Board, management, and analytic reports at the press of a button. 


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